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Redondo Beach Man Accused of having sex with a minor

A 27-year-old Redondo Beach man was accused of having sex with a minor earlier this week. The man is identified as Hugo Gonzales, who is a seasonal federal firefighter. Official reported that the Redondo Beach man on suspicion of having sex with a minor. An investigation began and authorities discovered Gonzalez was meeting young girls online and told them that he was only 19-years-old. Police said he met up with two girls, gave them both alcohol, but had sex with only one of them. Gonzalez is being held at the Redondo Beach jail on $245,000 bail and his trial is set for later this month. The police in charge of the ongoing investigation are looking for any more victims of this man. They are also asking the public for any more information regarding this case. If you have any information regarding this case or know of any more victims, please contact the Redondo Beach Police Department immediately.

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