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Redondo Beach Police Ready for Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend has caught the attention of the Redondo Beach Police Department and officials say that they are ready for anything that may happen this weekend. More officers will be patrolling the streets of Redondo Beach looking for any disturbances that may occur with all of the partying going on. They will also be increasing the amount of DUI checkpoints throughout the city to make sure that there are no drunk drivers roaming the streets of Redondo Beach. In the state of California, driving under the influence has claimed 802 lives this past year. Officials are working hard to come up with ideas that will decrease this tragic number. Residents of this city and others around it agree that drinking and driving is not worth the consequences of taking someone else’s life or your own. Labor Day weekend of 2012 alone claimed 147 lives due to an incident with a drunk driver. If we could do anything to stop this trend, then let us all work together in order to enforce it.


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