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Redondo Beach High Student pleads not guilty to murder charges

A senior at Redondo Beach High School has been accused of murder after a gang related shooting that occurred near the Redondo Beach High School. The student pleaded not guilty to one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Police believe that he was the driver in a drive-by shooting that occurred earlier this year in October. Police arrested him after eye witness accounts placed him as the driver of the car. The victims of the incident were walking on the street after leaving a local business when the suspect and two others opened fire from a vehicle. One of the victims was killed at the scene of the crime and the other two are recovering from injuries sustained from the bullets. The suspects fled the scene before police could arrive at the scene, but witnesses placed the suspect at the scene of the crime and were able to describe the vehicle that they were driving. Police arrested the senior later that week and he was released on $5 million bail. The trial began with the suspect pleading not guilty and the trial will continue later in 2018.

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