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Beach Goers Got the Surprise of their Lifetime

This past Saturday at Redondo Beach, a group of beach goers got the surprise of their lifetime, when lifeguards had to help a woman give birth on the beach. Redondo Beach was packed with visitors from all parts of California and there was enough people at the beach to block any vehicle from safely traveling through the beach. On this particular Saturday, an extremely pregnant woman decided to go to the beach with her family in order to relax because of the extreme cramps she was getting. However, she did not imagine that she would ever give birth on the coast of Redondo Beach. As she, was laying with her husband, the pregnant woman's water broke, but they were about a mile away from their car and paramedics could not find a safe way to get the couple. So the husband quickly flagged down a lifeguard and explained their situation. They realized they did not have enough time to get the woman to her car or to the hospital. The lifeguard got another lifeguard and they began the birthing process until the paramedics could get to the couple on the beach and finish the job. When the paramedics were finally able to reach the couple, the woman was well into conceiving the baby, so the paramedics had no choice, but to let the woman give birth on the beach. Spectators all around the beach circled the couple as they were giving birth to their first-born child. Beach goers were able to experience the miracle of life as they all relaxed at the beach for the day. The woman expressed her excitement to our reporter for giving birth at the beach, but did not release the name of the baby to our reporter and simply said that they have not decided on the name just yet. After the baby was born, the baby and the mother were rushed to the hospital to undergo some tests and to make sure that the baby was healthy as well as the mother. This event possibly touched the lives of many people that day and is a glimmer of hope for the future. If you have any questions regarding this story or the status of the mother and her child, then please feel free to call one of our agents at Redondo Beach Bail Bonds.

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